Official distributor of Linden COMANSA in British Columbia and Alberta that leads the manufacturing tower crane industry since 1962. Established in 2007, Groke is a tower crane company created to satisfy the need for high quality and high-capacity cranes, with an immediate, personalized and efficient 24/7 costumer support. In which safety is our top priority.

Groke is a high capacity tower crane company in Canada

Our dedication and expertise have made Groke a market leader, with presence in West Canada, offering a broad range of tower cranes that go from 1,000 kg at 50 meters, to 80 meters jib with capacities of 11,220 kg at point, and a maximum load of 50,000 kg.

Groke has a maintenance and storage plant where all the elements of the cranes are checked, conditioned and repaired, both structural and mechanical, electrical, and electronic.


Also, Groke counts with full support from COMANSA, a multinational company specialized in tower cranes based in Pamplona, Spain. COMANSA has earned a spot as one of the world's leading brands with more than 60 years of experience and remarkable technological breakthroughs, including its famous Flat-Top system without straps, which facilitates assembly and presents significant advantages in spaces with more than one crane. The Spanish company has headquarters in North Carolina, Texas, and Washington State.

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