• Groke offers a personalized service to each of our clients, studying their project in detail and offering a proposal depending on the load, location and dimension of each project and its needs.
  • We are the only company offering flat top cranes in B.C. and Alberta.


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Flat Top

This crane works with a better transmission of efforts in the boom that extends its useful life. The Flat-Top system reduces the fatigue of the booms by always working with the upper beam in tension and the lower ones in compression, thus avoiding alternative forces. With this FLAT-TOP system, jib assembly and disassembly are achieved by sections that require lower capacity auxiliary cranes and therefore at a lower price.

What is Flat Top?

  • Easy, fast and safe assembly thanks to the design without pendant lines.
  • Saves in terms of material and assembly times in Projects with several overlapping cranes
  • Long useful life

Planable Tower

Simplification, savings in transport and storage thanks to our sections of Palpable Towers. With the panel tower it is possible to mobilize up to 33m of tower on a single regular platform of 12m long, when the competition can only mobilize 11m of tower for each platform. This generates freight savings of 3 to 1. Additionally, this type of tower also saves storage space.

We count with the latest technology for precision and efficiency in every crane move.

  • Optimizes the load diagram for flat-top cranes.
  • More capacity and speed towards the tip of the jib when working with a single trolley
  • Maximum load capacity with the double trolley
  • The switchover is very quickly using the operator's controls
  • Standard on all flat-top cranes
  • Improves the load diagram by 10%
  • Works at a reduced speed, increasing the loading capacity for jobs that require it.
  • Thus system is activated by the crane operator
  • Increases significantly the hoisting and lowering speeds for light loads
  • Without increased power or consumption
  • Shortens work cycles
  • Increases the productivity of the crane
  • Applied to all hoist mechanisms between 24 and 110 kW